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Musings come in many forms. As many of my clients and friends know, wellbeing is paramount in my world. It becomes real when you realise your only product is you!

Here a few mantra’s I follow to keep my energy levels up, my emotions in check and my body in some sort of decent shape!

Once a month, I’ll add to this list. If you have any tips, please share in the comments and let’s spread a little wellness around! 

  • A busy mind is often a procrastinating and unproductive one. Create a morning routine. Start with 10-15 minutes of quiet time, meditation or walking in nature. Focus on that present moment and pay attention for those minutes on your breathing. After 10-15 minutes a day, you’ll be thanking yourself as your focus will increase and productivity will follow!


  • Think about how you are fuelling your body versus the activity you are putting your body through. You wouldn’t put cooking oil into your car and expect it to run efficiently so why do we do this with our own bodies!


  • Sleep is your best friend (sorry best friend’s out there) and without it, you are destined for disaster. Whether that’s short-term exhaustion, illness, lethargy, depression or just a general feeling of blah, without sleep you cannot perform your best. Check out Matthew Walker’s fascinating book on sleep. I guarantee you will learn a lot from this.


  • Stress less. This is a struggle for me and a daily journey to avoid this. Stress kills. We all know this. But we all really need to start figuring how to remove distress from life. Whether that’s via exercise, changing your job, changing your relationships or seeking counselling or therapy, do something. Now. Before it’s too late.


  • Be Happy. If you have been on my instagram recently, or you know me at all, I am (almost) always smiling. When I was 5, I got given a poster that said, “If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours” and this keeps me going, even on the most challenging of days. Smile! You will look cuter, develop less wrinkles and naturally feel better. Whatever is happening to you right now is for a reason, so turn that frown upside down


         Samme xo