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So, January disappeared quite quickly, but the cold across the US and Europe remains. As do the moods of many. February can be a really tough month for most in the northern hemisphere. Spring seems a long way off. Although towards the back end of this month, the sun has shone, I DEFINITELY heard a woodpecker and there are sightings of spring afoot! The good news is that the 6 nations rugby tournament has started, surely enough to lift the mood of the female MC but as important as it is for a fly half to be preparing for the rugby match, I have gone through the preparation and participated as MC and host of my first big conference of 2019, #EMEC19 MPI’s European Meeting and Events Conference.


There is nothing like starting your new career and your first big gig to be in front of a majority of your peers and prospect customers.

The feedback has been incredible and if you have been buried under a rock or given up social media for the month check out my last blog. Most importantly for me was to get the feedback from this group of meeting and event professionals, I needed the affirmation that this is what I should do, and this came in bundles. So please allow me to enjoy the accolades for a moment. J Ok, now it’s onto business! I’m now ready to drive this business as an MC to the next level. So, if you are considering an MC/Facilitator or Moderator for your next event, no matter how small or large, contact me today for a chat about how I can support your objectives.


Sales are your friend. Honestly!

Business Development/Sales are something that many people struggle with and event organisations are citing (in the UK) that they need training and better skills in their workforce. That is another blog but this month I’ve been on the business development journey and absolutely loved it. Despite the time differences between me and my potential clients, UK sales during the day, US event planners and conference organisers by night, I am loving every second. I asked myself why as many of the “reference books” tell you a good sales person can sell anything. Wrong. A good sales person works hard at finding the value proposition that will provide solutions to their customers problems. Add a dose of passion and belief in the values of your product and service and hey presto, success follows.

If you are struggling with your sales or your team, give me a shout as it is a passion of mine and would be happy to offer advice and tips!


Technology did not beat me…much.

Technology as you might have already guessed, and I are not the best of friends. We are cautious first date, first meeting acquaintances. Technology is definitely the male, testing my boundaries to see if I crack. And I did. I have finally joined the world of the Apple MacBook. I am now “toutes pommes” (is that a phrase?) and I love it. No, I’m not completely there, I still can’t figure out the calendar, the out of office and how to stop the pinging noises. But my back doesn’t hurt from carrying a clunky laptop and charger, I can write to my heart’s content wherever I’m traveling, and I think if I do something on one machine, it copies to the other. I’m definitely ready to take this relationship further…


Kung Hei Phat Choi

This month saw the celebrations of the Year of the Pig. This is a good thing for rabbits (me) mostly. It is a pretty auspicious year to start a new business venture (yay) although I need to watch my health and wear more pearls. Neither seems a hardship so that is what I intend to do. Wishing you all a prosperous, healthy and happy Chinese New Year.


Glass half full?

I’ve been challenged a couple of times this month with self-doubt and self-esteem challenges. Negative behaviour from others has occasionally brought me down, until I got back on the saddle and re-read Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Successful People. I won’t give you the whole book as you need to read it or read it again, but the golden nugget for me as been to remember that it is your reaction to a situation that causes the negativity. Let go, focus on your path of positivity and challenge your reactions to situations and you’ll definitely start feeling brighter. That’s a promise! My goal is to do the 30-day proactivity challenging starting tomorrow, March 1. I’ll update you next in next months’ blog!! Speaking of positivity, I am off supporting @JoTrust and @FastForward15 this evening. I am so chuffed that the all-female mentorship programme has developed a fundraiser with a charity so dear to my heart. For any questions or information related to cervical cancer screening and awareness, check them out www.jotrust.org.uk and if you are attending tonight, bring cash!!!

Looking forward, March promises to be a super busy month and includes some down time in the sunshine too. There should always be a time to focus, time to develop and time to deliver, and a time for rest and recuperation with a glass always full (of wine when possible)!

Samme Xx