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March, master of winds, bright minstrel and marshal of storms that enkindle the season they smite.

March: An Ode Algernon Charles Swinburne

So that’s the first quarter of the year done! Wow. First quarter of a new business. March has been a month of reflection, recharging and reviewing. How’s your month been?

Don’t mention the B word.

What came with tumultuous weather came depressing politics here in the UK. It does make me question what changes will be made in light of Brexit (sorry) for this MC. Most of my enquiries are for European conferences; how will travel be for us frequent folks who embrace being part of a European Union? Who knows at this point, the confusion remains the question is will the UK?

Best Quarter 1 ever?

I know, after 3 years as a small business owner, that counting one’s chickens is never a good idea. However, it is a learning from this month that it is a positive thing to celebrate one’s successes. And making the pivot into the MC world seems to have been a good choice. Feedback is continuing to bring new referrals and I’m thrilled to announce I have joined the prestigious group, Masters in Moderation!

Joining a team of amazing moderators has opened up opportunities for more work but most importantly a network of fellow facilitators whom I can learn and share best practice with. It also gives an avenue for me to refer excellent MC/Facilitators if I am unavailable.

Taking a break – the results are in

It took a session of coaching to finally make me realise I suffer guilt when not working. It is probably common with many small business owners, if I am not putting in the hours, what might happen to the business? During the same session, I realized that I was completely exhausted both mentally and physically. On March 11, I had a half birthday and reviewed what I’d achieved in 6 months.  I have moved house once, I have changed my business and life goals. Ihave visited Basel, Venice, Barcelona, Tampa, Orlando, Amsterdam, Seville and The Hague for work, rest and play.
I have MC’d for 6 clients, re-joined my tribe, MPI, recorded 10 podcasts, designed and produced 1 event, written 11 blogs and meditated for 680 minutes. No wonder I needed a rest!

4 full days of sun, laughter, reading good books and rest was exactly what the doctor ordered. I have come back recharged and rejuvenated. I hope this reflects in the work I’m doing for my clients. I am already booking the next recharge in June. It is as important as writing this blog or any client MC work I do!

Taking Criticism on the Chin(s)

A big take away from March is that everyone has an opinion, and NOT everyone is going to think you are great! If you ask for criticism, be prepared to take it in your chin.

I had some pretty harsh feedback for my first very novice show reel and I am so grateful for that feedback.

But another learning is that one individuals dislike can be some clients joy. The show reel has been used to confirm some work with clients and whilst I’m excited to launch version 2.0 in June (set your alarms folks), sometimes you just need to read back on your testimonials, reflect on the positive outcomes from the events you’ve worked at, get your self-esteem in check because YOU CAN DO THIS!!

Bring on the Spring!!

 For the flame of the spring that consumes not but quickens is felt at the heart of the forest aglow,

And the sparks that enkindled and fed it were strewn from the hands of the gods of the winds of March. March: An Ode Algernon Charles Swinburne

 Bring on April, some warm weather and great work as an MC!

Samme xoxo