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T.S. Eliot wrote that “April is the cruelest month, my friend. It promises so much of hot summer days in slumber spent and winter left so far behind”

I think that pretty much sums up the month of the female MC! April has been a month of preparation, client development and taking time out in nature


Podcast First

Rather excitingly, Ed Poland, CEO of Hirespace, let me fill his very experienced boots this month and chair the EventLab News Digest Podcast. Whilst I’m a regular contributor, this was the first time in the driving seat so to speak. It completely confirmed why I have chosen this career journey as an MC. Asking the questions, linking the themes across the topics and ensuring we didn’t ramble on was a joy. But that’s my opinion, take a listen and please do provide me with feedback! https://eventlab.podbean.com/e/recruit-retain/

And this is this week’s podcast, if you are gripped!! https://eventlab.online/media-hub/blog-and-features/eventlab-podcast-recognise-amp-communicate

April is no fool

I am learning that there doesn’t (currently) seem to be any pattern to MC/Moderator bookings. (If you are interested in booking, check out https://sammeallen.com)

When I started this journey, I really didn’t expect to get any interest in my resume until much later in the year, however lead times appear to be as short as they do in venues, perhaps even shorter. This makes is difficult to long term plan at the moment and I have had to turn down a couple of social

activities. Whilst this might be a pain for my friends, hopefully they will continue to support me as this is my future, my life and my passion and I’m grateful that the enquiries are coming in so frequently. And that is a segway into the next section!


Time to be thankful

For those of you who work within the events world, we are truly blessed with our communities. If you aren’t a member of an association or community, I would strongly encourage you (once you’ve liked and commented on my blog J) to look at the plethora of associations across the globe and online. This is a great video from MPI colleague Ciara Feely which really puts this into perspective (just a couple of minutes to watch!) https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:ugcPost:6519671616270671872

I have to give a big shout out to Neil and Delegate Wranglers this month. I have been (kindly) recommended by several Delegate Wranglers and this has given me an MC booking for June. If you are skeptical about the group, please don’t be. I have a completely “cold” enquiry at the moment and the client had searched on linked in for MC/Moderators, saw my name and recognized that I had been recommended by the DW’s. It works. A massive thank you from me.


My first…. interview with a celebrity.

New to the blog is going to be a monthly My first. I am determined that this journey is going to document new learnings or experiences. This month (just!) has given my an AWESOME first. At this year’s CHS, I had the pleasure of running the Q&A for the keynote session. In conversation with Simon Rimmer. (or as I like to call it, in conversation with Samme Allen J) Simon Rimmer is well known in the UK as a restauranteur, celebrity chef, television presenter and most recently, a contestant on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing. We got to spend an hour together before the interview and this was great fun. We soon realized our sense of humour was similar, completely sarcastic! Within 10 minutes the banter had started. This picture was taken in the Green Room, I’d just told him I’d take it there so no-one thought I liked him J A great tip is to get to know your guest, even if it’s for a few minutes. The dynamics when you get to the stage will shift and (fingers crossed) you will find the interview will be much more engaging.

Simon was a dream to work with and I even managed to ask him how he manages to interview huge celebrities whilst cooking amazing food. I can’t cook, and when I’m running a Q&A, I’m so involved with audience participation and engaging interview techniques, I think preparing a soufflé at the same time would bring the local fire service to the studio.


And here it starts!!

With the Easter Bank Holiday done, May day weekend shortly following its time to enjoy a tiny break before it moves into “the season”

! I look forward to seeing you at Edu Monday at IMEX Frankfurt or somewhere on the show floor. Then it is Vienna, Barcelona, Sitges, Toronto and London, so we’ll have plenty to talk about friends!


Be Happy,