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How do you describe a month like November?


Throughout my entire life or career, I haven’t experienced anything quite like this last month.

I have worked with the most incredible event and production teams, I have travelled 40,000 miles around the world and (as I write this some of this blog) have flown in my first A380 lucky enough to get upgraded to First Class. One-word springs to mind..GRATEFUL!

So, grab that coffee, tea or glass of wine and please enjoy my moderator musings!

From Atlantic City to Sevilla, Singapore and finally, Milan.

My learning this month is that conference moderation and MC’ing events is like working in the air travel business. Hear me out!

The crew on every flight meet a maximum of 1 hour and 45 minutes before a flight (fact checked on the British Airways A380). Due to their training, professionalism and experience, they work as an incredibly well-oiled team and for those who aren’t frequent fliers, one would assume they’ve worked together hundreds of times before.

This is the same with production companies, event agencies and moderators. This month I’ve worked with several teams and people I’ve met only for a few hours before we deliver exceptional experiences for conference participants. And not one participant would know this which is one of our main goals. It constantly amazes to be part of these micro teams that seem to gel (almost) seamlessly to produce these conferences, summits and events.

This month, from the US to the Far East, time and time again, the behind the scenes crew have welcomed and supported me as the Emcee/Moderator and helped me be the best I can be. I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to you all. It’s really been a humbling working with you and great learning experience for me.

Want some inspiration?

I have had the privilege of introducing and listening to the stories of 2 EXCEPTIONAL speakers TJ Sharpe and Allison Massari. Both inspired me beyond belief and I’m truly honoured to have been able to spend just a small amount of time being humbled by these incredibly gorgeous human beings.

They are both INSANELY PROFESSIONAL SPEAKERS so let me connect you. Your conference will benefit from their insights, stories and personalities.

Event planners out there, a tip for you. Please connect your keynotes with your MC/Moderator before the event where possible. Spending 30 minutes with the keynote really support a strong opening and gives the moderator a chance to get to know them, and really deliver a genuine introduction rather than a read of a bio.

I was especially lucky to spend some extra time with Allison 121 before the summit she was speaking at. It was a real privilege to get to know her, find out where she was from etc. She has left a special mark on me and it was a joy to be able to support her (wearing my lucky necklace which is from where she was born J through to slightly delaying her stage entrance because I could see she was still talking with our tech team) I have had great feedback from both of them which is also a huge accolade for me as a moderator. Thank you both for your wise words and wonderful compliments.


This, dear friends has not been my friend this month. 😊

From -5 GMT to +8 GMT, within a week, the phrase (google it) “I don’t know if I’m Arthur or Martha” springs to mind.

It’s the power of your mind and body that seems to get you through, something we should never take for granted. I am grateful that I have a wonderful apocathery near home, and Caroline made up a jet lag medicine for my Singapore trip. It really worked and helped me recover better than usual. Jet lag is not the only crime of time. I’m missing seeing friends and family in the UK however I have been blessed to catch up with wonderful friend who live across the miles. Firstly, a road trip to Virginia to see some dear friends I lived with back in my twenties. They have a small vineyard J, horses and beautiful dogs. I had a great road trip which always clears my head when in the UK and spending time in the stunning Virginia countryside in the Fall was a joy! Whilst in Singapore I managed dinner with the best man from my wedding, his beautiful wife and their twins. So, whilst I miss my love, my family and UK friends it is awesome catch up with loved ones across the miles too.

(Oh.. and I am living my best life and loving what I do too!)


For many of us in Northern Europe and the states, winter has truly set in. Grey days, lights on before lunchtime and of course, rain. Lots of rain. I meditate daily and my phrase to all of you is to remember the blue skies are always there, sometimes they are hidden, but they are always there. And if that doesn’t inspire you, go check out and book yourself to join 400 other event professionals in beautiful, sunny Sevilla in February (9-11th) If being in the sunshine doesn’t motivate you, MPI’s EMEC programme is guaranteed to invigorate your meeting and event planner and truly help elevate yours or your clients events. There is a hosted buyer programme or, if you are a supplier in the industry, why not gift a registration for your favourite client? A sustainable Christmas gift, with a legacy where you can both   enjoy an incredible learning experience in a destination you’ll want to return to again and again.

My First..

So many firsts this month. What do I pick? It was my first time moderating in the US and my first time in the Far East, first time on an A380 but the prize this month goes to the first time I’ve led a horse! If you know me, you’ll know I’m petrified of horses, always have been but there is a learning journey I had to promote for MPI’s EMEC that features horses. It is around leadership and will be taking participants to work with horses.

Horses follow people who demonstrate leadership traits, self-confidence, trustworthiness and who are goal focused. Normally I’m all 3 but with a giant horse next to me, I lost it. I had to learn that without demonstrating these things, Emperador (my horse) wouldn’t move or do anything with me. I took a deep breath, listened to the great team at the livery and looked into his beautiful eyes, I then pushed those traits and hey presto, Emperador and I were taking a walk! I could not believe it. My next first will be riding him in February. But for now, not only would I say join that learning journey at EMEC, but also keep taking those leaps of confidence and self-belief. The results are worth it!

And finally…

It’s time to take a rest. I’m going to go off the grid for the first week of December, spending some quiet time recharging followed by reviewing the business and reconnecting with the family and friends who’ve supported me during this crazy wonderful change of career. December’s blog will still be delivered but might be in a slightly different form – and with a couple of questions for you!

In the meantime, stay safe and enjoy the holiday season wherever and whatever that means for you!


Be Happy,

Samme xoxo