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“Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons..”


Another month away from home, another month of amazing moderation experiences!

You thought September was busy? Barely a few days into October and the travel started in earnest. Brussels for the IACC European Knowledge Festival, London for EventLab 2019, back to Belgium for Meet in Oostende’s inspirational congress and a quick trip to Zurich to design a meeting with a pharmaceutical client. I’ve missed a lot of home and family time this month having had to focus on self-care when I wasn’t on the road and there was a lot of preparation throughout the month. Having made it through, successfully, I’m feeling like a proud EMCEE!

Moderator Tip – Stakeholder objectives not event objectives.😊

I have spent a lot of time working with clients on meeting design. This is something I am incredibly passionate about (if you know me, this is not news) This month, I designed the final session of the IACC Knowledge Festival as well as supporting a pharmaceutical client with a product re-launch. In between those big design roles, I have supported all my clients with support and tweaks to their conferences and events, all with positive impacts. With an upbringing and education within MPI, and having good friends who run the CED programme and having experienced meetings that really deliver (see award nominated EMEC 19 video here this is why I incorporate design support when I am asked to mc/moderate. If you want to find out more, give me a call!

My First..

Promotional video! Look out Judith Chalmers (you may need to google her 😊) as I recorded my first destination promotional video to support a client, Meet in Oostende.

As my goal is to be a moderator plus, I suggested to the CVB that, if I had a spare couple of hours in the city then perhaps I could support by doing something for them. We had no rehearsal, no script and managed to create something in 3 hours. The learning is that with preparation and planning (always) and a little sunshine, this could really be developed but the client is happy to use it in their social media. Check it out here!

During November, I’m headed to Seville with MPI to promote #EMEC20. Again, I’m hoping that this be another string to the MC’s service offering.

I will post the videos as I really think Seville is going to surprise us all as a conference and event destination! In the meantime, if you haven’t registered for this event, do it now and use the special codes, EMECplanner or EMECsupplier. I guarantee that this event is going to blow your mind in terms of design, content, and your development. If you are keen to experience how a meeting of the future could be planner, join us in Seville in February.

Mindfulness – Wherever you are!

I am lucky to live near Chartwell, the home of Winston Churchill. My partner and I recently visited the gardens and his studio for an autumn stroll. Both of us are fairly busy and a little stressed with standard life stuff. It was a revelation going into the studio of Churchill and to see a small collection of the 500 paintings he created. We were struck that this was clearly his way of creating a bit of headspace in what was a very stressful work situation (beats our stresses hands down clearly..) and wondered how much of a positive affect this had on his life and work successes. A stroll around the beautiful grounds breathing the fresh autumn air and being a part of nature really calmed, cleared the mind and got rid of the endorphins and increased the dopamine levels. All in all, one powerful walk! Wherever you are, get out in nature for a few minutes or longer as and when you can. Life can be put into perspective quickly and this is the best form of meditation ever!


And finally…

November is a 36,000-mile trip with just 7 days at home. I’m a little nervous about the travel/jetlag as I’m going west and east however I’m excited about working outside Europe and the adventures I am going to have whilst on this journey.


Be Happy,


Samme xoxo